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How Many Days Until Tomorrow?


SUMMARY: Josh is forced to spend a month on a remote island in Maine with his teasing older brother and grandparents he hardly knows. Twelve year old Josh can't do anything right in his grandfather's eyes. He is constantly compared to his "gifted", bookish brother Simon. When Josh discovers "cool" Maine sea animals and meets a cute girl, he begins to deal with his loneliness and the challenges of dyslexia. Although not a straight A student like his brother, Josh discovers he has different talents and develops a growing sense of self-reliance. At the end of the summer, Josh uses his ingenuity and quick thinking to lead a dramatic rescue in a life-threatening emergency.

"Josh is the kind of boy I wish every kid could meet....hard-working, sensitive, adventuresome, intelligent, and yes....dyslexic! Thanks to Caroline Janover for giving young people a great story and an even greater understanding of what it means to be dyslexic."

J.Thomas Viall, Former Executive Director, International Dyslexia Association

"I loved HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL TOMORROW?, but as a true test I had it reviewed by an expert, my 11 year old daughter, Lucy. She wolfed it down like a delicious meal, and when she was done she pronounced it excellent. 'It's a super book, Dad, I hope lots of people read it.' I couldn't agree with Lucy more!"

Edward Hallowell, M.D. Author of Driven to Distraction