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"The Worst Speller" is now both a Book & a Play!

Reprinted in 2000 by Publishing Service ($13.95 ages 10 and up) To order: 1-800-288-4677

SUMMARY: As Katie Kelso starts the seventh grade, she vows to become a "P.K.," (popular kid) instead of the "dork" she has been since elementary school. Katie longs to win the approval of her parents, teachers and classmates, and to go on her first date. Besides the normal problems of being a teenager, Katie faces additional challenges -- she has dyslexia and her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. A fast-paced story about romance, self-esteem, and living with a learning difference, this book has broad appeal.

"A real page turner... The Worst Speller in Jr. High is strongly recommended to teachers and teenagers for whom many myths about dyslexia will be dispelled, and to all who love a good read. Katie will not only touch you but find a permanent spot in your heart."

Judy Shapiro Orton-Gillingham Teacher and Special Educator

"Janover, who is both dyslexic and trained as a learning specialist, offers an inside look at a common problem. Although acknowledging the obstacles Katie faces, the author emphasizes the girl's coping strategies and personal strengths...The dialogue rings true, and preteen social issues are well handled."


The Worst Speller - A One Act Comedic Drama

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Based on the award-winning young adult novel, THE WORST SPELLER IN JR. HIGH, this 35 minute drama written for middle school students is funny, fast-paced and easy to stage. Katie Kelso has dyslexia She is bright and creative but hesitates to join the literary magazine because she can't spell. Eager to become a PK (popular kid), Katie resents having to babysit for her annoying younger brothers. When she is asked out by Scuba, a "cool jock" and Brian, a brilliant introvert, Katie is forced to rethink the meaning of "popularity." Her empathy, spunk and determination lead to an unexpected first date in a chauffeured limousine. The play and accompanying Teacher's Guide provide a lively springboard for young people to recognize and discuss a most socially relevant issue... the challenges and rewards of growing up with a learning difference.

CAST: 6 girls and 6 boys and as many extras as possible

SCRIPTS: $4.25 each (Teacher's Guide included in script price)


TO ORDER: Contact Heuer Publishing LLC on the web by clicking here, by mail at PO Box 248 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 or by phone at 1-800-950-7529